The biggest breakfast you have ever seen!

This insanely huge breakfast also known as ‘The Monster Mega Breakfast’ features 59 food items totalling up 8,000 calories! The meal is so huge that customers who order it must sign a waiver, rules include no sharing, must be 18 or over and you must stop if you are sick. Swaps are allowed but only certain items may be exchanged.

The breakfast consists of six each of the following: bacon, sausages, black puddings, hash browns and eggs. On top of all that the meal comes with two three-egg omelettes, four portions of fried mushrooms and friend potatoes… four onion rings, two portions of baked beans, two portions of stewed tomatoes, four slices of toast, two slices of friend bread and half a grilled tomato. As for beverages consumers have a choice between  a pint of milkshake or an energy drink to wash their meal down.

The Monster Mega Breakfast is served at the Corner Cafe in Portishead, Somerset and anyone who orders the £15 meal is given an hour to finish it. Unsurprisingly nobody has managed to finish it.

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