Jocca Cottage Cheese: Assortment of bruschetta starters


  • 1 loaf of sliced Maltese bread
  • Jocca Cottage Cheese
  • Various ingredients to garnish your bruschetta: sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, blue cheese, honey, sesame seeds, etc…

Drizzle a filet of olive oil on slices of Maltese bread before grilling them in the oven.

For the next step, let your inspiration guide you as the options are endless!

For traditional bruschetta with a twist, prepare a mix of chopped tomatoes, finely cut onions, capers, fresh basil and of course, Jocca Cottage Cheese.

For the avocado lovers, you can place some slices over a bed of Jocca Cottage Cheese, add some lemon juice and some balsamic glaze.

Cottage Cheese can also be the ideal accompaniment to smoked salmon, mushrooms, prosciutto cotto, beetroot, radish, cucumber, asparagus, etc.

It can also be married to sweet and sour combinations, such as figs & prosciutto or strawberries, baby spinach & balsamic vinegar, or even pear, Parmigiano and honey.