5 cooking tricks that add bold flavour to healthy foods

Warm weather and fresh fare go hand in hand. While healthy foods dominate the summer months, too often people fall into meal ruts where all they eat are simple salads and grilled chicken. Nutritious foods don’t have to be boring foods, though, because it’s easy to add pizzazz with a few clever twists.

Citrus marinades

Chicken in citrus marinade
Fish and poultry are quality low-fat sources of protein but can come up short in flavour. Fortunately, it’s simple to enhance lackluster chicken breasts or bland salmon with citrus. Think beyond lemon and lime and try more exotic citrus varieties like blood orange, kumquat, Satsuma and tangerine. Marinate and brush on the juices before cooking, or grill your grub with a few citrus slices directly on top. The eye-widening fresh citrus flavors will take your fish and poultry to new heights.


Fantastic feta

Feta cheese bites
Think you need to give up cheese to be healthy? Think again. Feta is a lower-calorie option that packs incredible flavour into any dish. Feta has a classic taste and texture that makes it the perfect addition to boring salads. But don’t stop there – drape a slice of feta across bite-size snacks or add crumbles to favourite side dishes for Mediterranean flavour that leaves you satisfied.


Grilled fruit

Grilled fruits
Fresh fruit is abundant during the warmer months and provides plenty of healthy vitamins and nutrients. Instead of always eating it fresh, sink your teeth into new fruit flavor when you try grilling your favorite varieties. Lightly grilling fruit triggers the sugars to start caramelizing, which brings out rich, sweet flavours. Bananas, pineapple, peaches and even cantaloupe are great options. Cut them in half or chop into bite-size pieces and skewer before grilling.


Infused waters

Infused water
Nutritionists agree that good old H2O is the best thing to drink to stay hydrated, but after a while plain water gets boring. Add a splash of healthy flavor to water by infusing it yourself. Lemon and lime add zest, but you can experiment with all sorts of flavour enhancements, such as cucumber, apple, grapefruit, berries and mint. Keep a pitcher in the fridge with water and your favourite sliced fruits and you’ll always have a healthy drink on hand.


Trendy spices

Spicy harissa
Nothing adds kick to a bland dish like a touch of spice. If you prefer a little heat and a whole lot of flavour, it’s time to add harissa to your regular cooking routine. This Tunisian hot chili pepper paste has a bold flavour profile that’s delicious with chicken, eggs and even when used as a sandwich spread. Some food insiders claim harissa will be the next Sriracha, so you can be ahead of the curve by stocking a few cans in your pantry.

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