10 quick and easy homemade burgers


Nothing is better than home made food, and when it comes to burgers you can choose your favorite ingredients and flavour with your favourite spices. You have an option of different meats - beef, pork, chicken, even tuna - which you can process to the texture you prefer, or you can opt for beans or chickpeas for a delicious vegetarian option. They are so simple, easy and quick to make! Click on the images below for 8 easy recipes.

Mix all the ingredients together and wet your hands to knead. Divide the mixture into equal portions. Flatten to a thickness of about 2 cm; pinch the edges so that the burger does not crumble. Grill and turn them over once only.

Recipe: Quick beef burgers 
Quick beef burgers

Recipe: Quick herby chicken burgers
Quick herby chicken burgers


 Recipe: Quick minty tuna burgers

Quick minty tuna burgers



Recipe: Quick bean burgers
Quick bean burgers

Recipe: Quick Maltese sausage burgers
Quick Maltese sausage burgers

Recipe: Quick pork burgers
Quick pork burgers

Recipe: Quick chicken tahini burgers
Quick chicken tahini burgers



Recipe: Quick chickpea burgers

Quick chickpea burgers


Recipe: Beetroot and ricotta burgers
Recipe: Beetroot and ricotta burgers

Recipe: Ramen burger
Recipe: Ramen burger

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