Golden Harvest cookbook recipes being prepped

Ten recipes in the Golden Harvest’s golden recipes competition will be selected by three  judges.

This year, celebrating the 50th anniversary from the introduction of the Golden Harvest French Sliced loaf waxed wrappers, Golden Harvest teamed up with the TV programme Aroma’s chefs, Manuel and Aaron, to invite participants to share their favourite family recipes for sandwich fillers.

The judges will choose the 10 winners of the Golden Harvest Cookbook competition from the following: Lilly-Marie Cachia with her ‘Mint Chutney sandwich’; Elena Davis for her ‘Grilled sandwich with bacon’; Johanna Ransley with her ‘Rosemary focaccia with a roasted red peppered hummus’; Paty Jason for her ‘Egg and smoked salmon sandwich’; Lisa Seisun for her ‘Sinners Roll’; Ilona Micallef and her ‘Fish Sandwich’; Peter Graham for his ‘Blue Cheese Burger’; Gabriel Rizzo for his ‘Quick and Simple..But to the Point’; Eduard Manukyan with his ‘Ham and Cheese Sandwich’; Michael Rausi for his ‘Mango Chicken Sandwich’ and Ian Agius with his ‘Cheese, bacon and egg sandwich’.

The top recipe will win a one year’s worth of Golden Harvest bread supply whereas the top 1o recipes will be published in the Golden Recipes cookbook.

Other competitions to be launched in the coming months will include appetizers, starters, main courses and desserts recipes.