A graceful tribute to traditional Maltese culinary delicacies

Have you seen the BOV Calendar 2015 about traditional Maltese culinary delicacies which are "genuinely Maltese"?

 The year is already five months in, it's true, but "the BOV Calendar 2015 acquaints you with Maltese and Gozitan persons who are passionate about traditional culinary delicacies. Their recipes are in the main, as simple as they are genuine. You will find dishes that won't only make your mouth water, but will certainly open a time window on the culinary culture of our forefathers, the Mediterranean culture, that remained true to its origins along the centuries."

The focus is on real life Maltese personalities and their produce: we meet a salt harvester and a bee keeper, and we also meet people who make aljoli paste, marmalade, Maltese sausage, pickled onions, sweet tomato paste (kunserva), seasoned figs, carob syrup, olive oil, cheeselets, sun-dried tomatoes and pumpkin jam.

BOV does a great tribute to traditional Maltese delicacies and the photography is gorgeous, although if we had to be honest the video editing looks a bit like the work of a 12-year old on Microsoft Powerpoint. Nonetheless, worth watching!

Do you know someone who makes traditional Maltese culinary delicacies? Which is your favourite? Leave your comments below and please rate and share.