Hot or cold, Americans crave coffee

(BPT) - Americans love coffee. In fact, according to the National Coffee Association, 61 percent of American adults drink coffee every day. Hot, cold, black, macchiato, latte – Americans consume 400 million cups of java daily, making the U.S. the leading consumer of coffee in the world.Not only is the coffee trend not slowing down, the artisanal coffee movement is growing. The U.S. coffee house and donut shop industry has grown 15 percent between 2007 and 2011 as other segments in the restaurant industry have struggled, according to Huffington Post and a Mintel study.With consumption on the rise, premium baristas and local roasters are distinguishing themselves from mainstream shops by offering handcrafted, specialty drinks.However, alongside the rise of coffee is the rise of disposable, to-go coffee cups. Americans throw away 25 billion foam coffee cups each year and those cups will be sitting in a landfill even 500 years from now, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.Investing in a reusable bottle, like Genuine Thermos Brand’s Commuter Bottle allows you to take your coffee with you while keeping it hot for hours. The vacuum insulated bottle will keep coffee hot for eight hours and iced coffee cold for 12 hours, making it great for a road trip or a day at the office. Many retailers will even fill your bottle with their custom-made coffee or latte. So, grab your reusable beverage bottle and head out to experience the specialty drinks local roasters have to offer.