Recipe: Oreo cookies and cream cake

Over the past few days we have brought you a series of video recipes by Woodland Bakery's Gretchen Price for making a simple chocolate and cream ganache, chocolate whipped cream, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake. For the grand finale, all these recipes will be used together to make the king of sweets, with the crowning glory: Oreo cookies! Follow the video and instructions below and click through to the other recipes for the best Oreo cookies and cream cake ever.

You will need the following recipes:


  1. Slice your cooled chocolate cake layers into 2 thin layers each. You will only use 3 of those layers. (Freeze the remaining layer to use at a later time.)
  2. Place the first layer of cake on a cake board, and add about 1 cup of chocolate mousse, smooth evenly with a spatula or use a pastry bag as I demonstrate. Then sprinkle with crushed oreos over the whole layer.
  3. Repeat with next layer of cake, and chocolate whipped cream and oreos to end with a cake layer on top.
  4. Garnish the top with oversized chocolate whipped cream rosettes and then use the remaining oreos to decorate for a winning finishing touch. You may leave the sides without icing to show off the multi layers inside the cake.
  5. You may use the remaining ganache to pool in the middle of the cake for added flare and shine.
  6. Serve this cake within 2 days, or freeze well wrapped for up to 3 weeks. Be sure to refrigerate any cake that has whipped cream and chocolate mousse in it, as it is highly perishable.