Recipe: Inside-out chicken and stuffing

Sarah Carey from Everyday Food shows us how to make a chicken stuffing.

''This dish is straight from dinnertime's Greatest Hits album. First of all, it's chicken -- crowd-pleaser! Second of all, it's a one-pan dinner, so at the end of the meal you only have one sheet pan to wash. Big points! Also, it's decidedly delicious: Because the "stuffing" cooks outside of the bird, some of the bread pieces soak up the juices while others get nice and crunchy. The best of both worlds!

Sarah's Tip of the Day:
To start, you chop up an apple and some celery, then toss that with olive oil and caraway seeds. Toast that for a bit in the oven, then add chicken broth and a whole chicken, cut into 10 pieces. Watch the video and I'll show you the secret to slicing celery, and how to get great golden chicken. If you like, you can sprinkle with chopped parsley, but -- here's a little secret -- it's just as delicious without it.

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