Recipe: Homemade, quick and easy yoghurt ice cream

Homemade quick and easy yoghurt ice cream

An afternoon of making ice creams and yoghurts this week resulted in what is going to be a favourite treat this summer. And don’t be concerned with churners and ice cream machines because this is the easiest-to-make dessert you will come across, without the additives, emulsifiers or chemical enhancements that you get in many shop-bought versions. Try this yoghurt ice cream for a start.

Serves: 1

You will need: 

  • A piping bag with a small opening
  • Serving glasses


  • A pot of your favourite yoghurt, I use local plain
  • Stevia or honey if you wish to add a sweetener
  • Coconut wafers (optional)


  1. Place your yoghurt in the freezer. You need to take it out at the stage where it is frozen but has not solidified, but all freezers are different and you need to keep your eye on it the first time. (This recipe will not work if you defrost the yoghurt.)
  2. As soon as it reaches that stage, just before solidification, prepare your glasses and piping bag plus any garnish that you will be using.
  3. Cut the wafers thinly using a sharp knife. 
  4. Fill the piping bag with the yoghurt mixture, and pipe the yoghurt into the glasses.
  5. Decorate with the wafers. Serve immediately.

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