Improve your entire day with a good breakfast

Want to keep the weight off? It starts at the breakfast table. Why does breakfast seem to make the difference? Rather than feeling famished mid-morning, many people find when they make the right breakfast choices, they can easily last until lunch time before they need to eat again.

During the morning rush, you may be tempted to skip breakfast for extra minutes of sleep or simply getting yourself and your family ready for the day ahead. But as many experts maintain, breakfast may be the most important meal of the day and certainly it’s the one that could give you that extra morning energy kick you’ve been looking for.

A healthy breakfast can be easy, even on the go, with a little bit of prep.

What should try to avoid is sugary, highly processed breakfasts, like cereal, that start our bodies on a glucose roller coaster. Ideally we should aim for a well-rounded breakfast will include a quality protein, carbohydrates, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and healthy fats.

Here are top three fast and filling breakfast recipes:

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Link to egg scramble breakfast