Blender magic: Healthy snack ideas

Back-to-school season means back to a busy life with a seemingly never-ending schedule of classes, sporting events and extracurricular activities. Making healthy choices can take a back seat to convenience when on the run. While pre-packaged foods are tempting for those hectic days, nutritious homemade snacks and meals can be just as easy and quick. They are also much better for you and your children.

From balanced breakfasts to freshly packed lunches and nourishing after-school snacks, a healthful diet makes a huge impact on a child’s mental and physical health. Studies show that eating well is critical for strong brain development, as well as improved concentration and performance. Good nutrition helps students perform better academically, have more overall self-confidence, cope with stress and emotions, and avoid feelings of anxiety and depression. 

A high-powered blender makes it easy to consume the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables to keep children, and parents, on top of their game, whether in the classroom or in the boardroom.

Pack a better packed lunch

Loaded with fiber and protein, vitamins and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, peanut butter is a kitchen staple. Making your own nut butters also allows for creativity, like adding seeds and fruit, or changing the consistency and upping the health benefits by adding flaxseed oil, so every member of the family has their favorite variation. You can also slice up an apple or celery to pair with homemade almond butter, or try a whole wheat pita with fruit preserves and freshly made peanut butter.

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Fuel up after class

Are your kids always reaching for a cookie after school? Instead of empty calories found in many pre-packaged snacks, a smoothie packs a huge nutritional punch for kids and can provide many of the recommended fruit and vegetable servings in just one delicious drink. Whether they have sports practice or homework or both, a smoothie will give them the energy they need. You can also skip the recipes and allow your little scholars to mix and match their favorite whole foods to toss in the blender. Keep in mind that frozen bananas are great for flavor and a creaminess that mimics an indulgent milkshake.

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