Halloween party monster food

Halloween party monster food

It's Halloween and you're inviting your circle of ghouls, witches and zombies to your dark abode. Bring out the horrific best in them on this night with a delicious selection of creepy food fit for the occasion.

BBQ ribs - the sight of rib bones still ripe with flesh on them will have your guests drooling from the mouth.

Witches fingers - the fingers of old, cackling hags are a delicacy surely no-one will be able to resist; there's more meat in them than you would imagine.

Oreo baby ghosts - a special treat, each guest can have their very own baby ghost, cute to look at and delicious to taste.

Stuffed cockroaches - nothing like fat cockroaches with their gooey white insides pouring out of them, simply lip-licking good.

Gummy eyeballs - chewy eyeballs, what more can I say? Yumm!