Breakfast matters

We know it, they tell us all the time, and still we don't do it. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but still, when we're rushing to get things done and get out of the house, or simply because we find it so hard to wake up in the morning, we tend to miss out on it.

Studies show that breakfast eaters enjoy better overall nutrition, better concentration and better weight management, all because their metabolism kicks in sooner. If we miss breakfast just because it seems like a hassle, then all we need is a simpler solution.

BelVita breakfast

These days several options are available to us. A quick apple is quick, healthy, and easy to eat on the move, although it may not be the most exciting of breakfasts. Other options may include flapjacks, which are made from cooked oats, and there are a number of cereal biscuits especially designed as breakfast biscuits, such as those by belVita. These delicious options disguise a wealth of nutrients and a slow release of energy to keep you going through the morning. They make for a super breakfast especially if paired up with a low-fat yogurt and a portion of fruit.