7 tips to make your favourite recipes healthier

Natural food flavouring

You don't have to give up your favourite recipes in order to stay healthy and avoid weight gain; it just takes planning and portion control, and substitution of course. Make your recipes healthier with simple modifications that won’t change the end product too drastically; here are some tips:

1. Choose whole grains over refined

Whole grains

Brown rice, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta instead of white rice, white bread or standard pasta. Whole grains digest more slowly, providing longer-lasting energy.


2. Use small amounts of olive oil instead of butter

Coconut oil

This is especially if adding to grains or vegetables. Use coconut oil to saute as it is healthier than olive oil when heated. A non-aerosol spray bottle can help use oil sparingly.


3. Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products

Skimmed milk

Choose skimmed milk, low-fat or fat-free yogurts, sour cream and cheeses – and reduce the amount.



4. Choose lean meats

meat, ham and sauce

Choose lean ham over bacon; wild-caught, fresh or water-packed tuna or salmon over oil-packed tuna or salmon; chicken and turkey sausage over pork sausage; and lean ground turkey and beef over high-fat options.


5. Use natural flavourings over extra salt

Natural food flavouring

Instead of using salt to enhance the flavour of food, choose herbs, flavoured powders (like garlic powder), citrus (like lemon juice) and heat (like red pepper or hot sauces).


6. Bake not fry

Grilling food 2

Instead of frying, try baking, roasting or grilling using a rub or marinade.


7. Use fresh or frozen vegetables over canned

Fresh vegetables

Remember that frozen vegetables are harvested at peak season and usually flash-frozen, making them superior in flavor and nutrients to off-season fresh ones.

Finally, remember that using low-fat or fat-free dairy products, olive oil, whole grains or lean meats doesn’t mean unlimited portions. Now go ahead and enjoy your calculated indulgence!

Which is your favourite recipe? How can you make it healthier? Leave your comments below and please rate and share.