Vegan-vegetarian restaurant: Soul Food, Valletta

About Soul Food:

Soul food is all about purchasing ingredients responsibly and creating from them tasty dishes that are lovingly handmade from scratch, thus creating delicious recipes for those who love to eat healthy. The invitation is to come, relax and nourish your body and soul.

Soul Food, located in the city of Valletta, celebrates bold, light and unique flavours, creating Italian dishes with the freshest quality natural ingredients. Tasty dishes that cleverly combine cereals, seeds, herbs and spices, a selection of pasta dishes, platters and fresh salads and a delightful choice of artisan cakes and refreshing smoothies are on the menu, as well as the made-to-order piadina, a thin traditional Italian bread kneaded with simplicity, flattened with a rolling pin, baked and stuffed as you like it.

Opening hours: 

Sunday to Friday 10:00 - 18:00

Contact details:

76 Merchants Street, Valletta

tel: (+356) 2123 4311