Indian, North African, Mediterranean Restaurant: Sharma Ethnic Cuisine, Mdina

About Sharma:

Sharma is inspired by the ancient spice trading route which ran from India, through the Middle East, to North Africa and the sharma2Mediterranean and offers a wonderful menu including traditional cuisines from these areas.

The interaction between these cultures influenced their cuisines and customs to become as we know them today, and Sharma brings all these flavours on your table in an authentic and harmonious way. You may opt to dine in the beautifully decorated restaurant or on the large terrace on the bastions overlooking Mtarfa and the rest of the island.

Opening hours:

Daily 18.30 onwards

Saturday and Sunday also from noon to 4pm 

Booking is advised

Contact details:

19, Casa Magazzini, Triq l-Imħażen, Mdina

tel: 2145 3817 or 9999 6315